Dulles CBP Seizes Cash bound for Ghana

CBP officer inspecting traveler's backpack

Dulles airport Customs officers seized more than $20,000 from passengers who were leaving to Ghana for not reporting it. The story, reported by CBP on June 14, describes the passengers as a “couple” who were in possession of several envelopes full of $21,920, despite reporting both by word and writing that they carried $10,000.

STERLING, Virginia — Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized $21,920 in unreported currency from a Ghana-bound couple at Washington Dulles International Airport Wednesday.

The couple verbally and in writing told CBP officers that they possessed $10,000. Officers discovered several envelopes in the woman’s carry-on bag that contained a combined $21,920. Officers seized the currency for violating federal currency reporting requirements, then remitted $920 as humanitarian relief and released the couple.

CBP officers seized a combined $43,269 from two groups of Ghana-bound travelers May 29 and May 30.

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