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Detroit Airport Currency Report Sign

Cash Reporting Requirement & FinCen 105

  The cash reporting requirement for currency and monetary instruments over $10,000 transported into or out of the United States ...

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An example of cash report for customs.

💵Failure to Report Cash to Customs

Most cash seizures are for failure to report cash to Customs when traveling internationally with more than $10,000 (“failure to ...

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💰Bulk Cash Smuggling Seizure

Customs bulk cash smuggling seizure occurs when cash is “smuggled” – meaning cash hidden or concealed – into or out ...

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💸Customs Cash Seizure for Structuring

A customs cash seizure for structuring is when a person has divided more than $10,000 upon import or export of ...

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Example of cash seizure custody receipt.

💸Responding to a Cash Seizure Custody Receipt from CBP

At the time of a seizure of currency or money at an airport or border crossing, U.S. Customs & Border ...

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The Customs (CBP) Election of Proceedings Form

You are required to complete the CBP Election of Proceedings form that comes with the notice of seizure (customs money ...

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🕔Customs Decision Time

Once a petition for remission of forfeiture for Customs seized currency is filed the actual petition processing/decision times vary. It ...

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Example of a Customs Seized Asset Claim Form

CAFRA Seized Asset Claim Form

You must file a CAFRA Seized Asset Claim Form if judicial forfeiture is the best option or the only option ...

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💲Making an Offer in Compromise to Settle Cash Seizure Case

Making an offer in compromise to settle a CBP cash seizure case is another option on the “election of proceedings ...

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Petition for Remission of Currency Seizure

🚨Remain silent and do not call Customs after currency seizure

You should remain silent when detained at the border or airport during the initial currency seizure process for traveling with ...

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Gold bars seized by CBP at Port Huron Michigan

Money and Gold Shipment Scams involving Customs

If you are being told to pay taxes for gold or cash held by customs or a shipping company, you may be the victim of a sophisticated scam. Here are some considerations.

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