Fee Structure

For money and monetary instrument/currency seizures, Great Lakes Customs Law offers a fee structure and a low fee promise that meets your need. Great Lakes Customs Law is a customs and trade law firm that has a years of experience and knowledge concerning cash/currency and monetary instrument seizures and other laws which can become a basis for money/currency, like failure to report, structuring, and bulk cash smuggling. We can offer our valuable services at competitive prices because we handle currency seizures frequently, and use this experience to pass on as much savings as we can to our clients and get seized cash back from customs. Our attorney fee structure for money seizures are as follows:

Contingency Fee

We will not collect a fee unless, or until, your money is returned. ((Michigan ethics rules require us to inform you that any costs are the responsibility of the client.)) The attorney fee is based on agreed-upon percentage of the amount of cash returned by customs, and varies depending on the anticipated amount of work involved in getting your money returned. We will charge a higher percentage if there is structuring, bulk cash smuggling, or when there is little evidence supporting the source of the money. The percentage can also be higher if you arrested at the time of seizure, or if you have a criminal record.

Flat Fee

We occasionally take currency seizure cases on a flat-fee basis, which can include one price for both the initial and supplemental petition. ((As with a contingency fee, this amount varies depending on the anticipated amount of work involved in getting your money returned.)) In many circumstances, we also defer collection of our flat-fee until your money is returned. Sometimes, however, we will collect the flat fee up front after a case evaluation indicates that success will not be likely administratively.

Low Fee Promise

Upon providing potential client intake information and reviewing the actual legal basis for seizure, we promise to match any written quote for similar services offered by any other U.S. law firm, and provide the best service you’ll ever get from an attorney. Just take a moment to read our reviews and you’ll be convinced Great Lakes Customs Law has what you need to get your seized money back from Customs:

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