Practice Areas

Great Lakes Customs Law’s mission is to give our clients the very best LEGAL ADVICE about import compliance and DEFENSEĀ against claims made by U.S. Customs & Border Protection. Our practices areas include:

U.S. Customs & Border Protection (ā€œCustomsā€) enforces its laws through the imposition of fines, penalties, and forfeitures. A customs lawyer helps the party who allegedly violated the customs laws or regulations to cancel, or mitigate, these punishments, which can include fines, penalties, and forfeitures.Ā In addition, we defend clients against claims for violations of any of the following laws:

  • 19 USC 1592 (commercial fraud and negligence)
  • 19 USC 1595aĀ (importations contrary to law)
  • 21 USC 881 (transportation and facilitation of controlled substances and proceeds of sale of controlled substances)
  • 49 USC 80302/80303 (transportation of contraband)
  • 19 USC 1703 (vessels outfitted for smuggling)
  • 19 USC 1590 (aviation smuggling)
  • 19 USC 1594 (seizure of conveyances involved in a violation of the customs laws)
  • 15 USC 5001(A) (imitation firearm imports)
  • 19 USC 1308 (dog and cat fur products)
  • 49 USC 46306 (aircraft registration and certification)
  • 19 USC 1497 (failure to declare merchandise)
  • 31 USC 5316, 5317, 5324 (currency or monetary instrument report)
  • 19 USC 1627A (import or export of stolen conveyances and/or parts, or those with altered or oblitered identification numbers)
  • 19 USC 1526(e), 19 USC 1595a(c) and 18 USC 2320 (counterfeit Ā violations)
  • 19 USC 1595a(c)(2) for violation of 15 USC 1124 (confusingly similar trademark violations)
  • 19 USC 1526(b) (gray market trademark violations)
  • 19 USC 1526(f) (additional fine for trademark violations)
  • 19 USC 1584 (failure to manifest controlled substances)
  • 19 USC 1641 (broker penalties, including conducting customs business without a license, making false or misleading statements on a permit or license, criminal convictions, customs law violations, aiding or abetting violations, employment violations, etc.)
  • 19 USC 1593A (drawback penalties)
  • 19 USC 1509 (recordkeeping penalties)
  • 19 USC 1466 (vessel repair penalties)
  • 19 USC 1436 (arrival and entry of vessels, vehicles, and aircraft) vessel, crew and passenger violations
  • 19 USC 1623 (bond violations/liquidated damages)

An experienced customs lawyer can help you defend yourself or mitigate the damage for alleged violations of any of the above types of matters. Proceeding with an attorney experienced in customs matters will ensure that you rights are protected and the best strategy is used to obtain the bestĀ possible result. We can solve your customs problem! Call us today for a consultation with a customs lawyer at (734) 855-4999, visit our contact page, or send an e-mail toĀ