Dulles Does it Again: CBP Seizes $42k in Cash to Ghana

Dulles CBP seized $42,000 in cash from a man going to Ghana. As the story (original here) below explains, the man only reported $8,000 verbally; then he wrote down $15,000 on his FinCEN 105 form; then, they brought the dogs out. When the dogs were done, they found a total of $42,606 and €240.

Although bulk cash smuggling and failing to report currency are both crimes, not everyone is criminally charged. A person still faces civil forfeiture of the cash involved in the violation, even if not criminally charged. In this case, it was a catch and release; they caught him, seized the money, and released him to continue on his trip. He will be able to get at least some of the money back if he can show it came from a legitimate source and had a legitimate intended use. Here’s the story, with pictures:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized more than $42,000 from a man boarding a flight to Ghana Tuesday at Washington Dulles International Airport.

CBP officers seized $42k from Ghana-bound man
November 7, 2017 at Washington Dulles
International Airport

The man, who CBP has not named because he was not criminally charged, initially reported to officers that he possessed $8,000.  After officers advised the man of U.S. currency reporting regulations, the man wrote that he possessed $15,000 and he completed a financial reporting form.

A CBP currency detector dog then alerted to bulk currency in the man’s carry-on baggage.  The man then produced $2,480 in U.S. currency and 240 Euros from his jacket, $10,216 from his backpack, and $710 from his front pants pocket.

CBP officers then discovered a package that contained $8,000, an envelope that contained $8,000, and an additional $13,200 inside a pouch, all concealed inside his backpack.  The total amount of currency the man possessed equaled $42,606 in U.S. dollars and 240 Euros.

Following the currency seizure, CBP officers returned $406 in U.S. currency and 240 Euros to the man and released him to continue his journey.

This is the second significant currency seizure from a Ghana-bound traveler in two months.  On September 23, CBP officers seized $150,228 in unreported currency at Washington Dulles International Airport.

Has Dulles CBP seized your cash?

If Dulles CBP seized your cash, beware that you stand to lose a lot of it because of their aggressive penalization of bulk cash smuggling and structuring offenses. You should read our trusted customs money seizure legal guide and contact our customs lawyer for a free cash seizure consultation by clicking the contact buttons on this page.