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A CBP Officer displays a large bag of seized currency in an evidence bag. Money seizures are a common occurence for CBP.

Money seizures are always good, says CBP

Here’s a great video from a local news station in the Rio Grand Valley about some of the more interesting seizures that CBP iat that port encounters. It talks about the length to which some people go to hide drugs, but at about the 1:15 mark the public affairs liaison says “money seizures are always good.”

He’s right, you know. CBP has great capabilities in detecting and seizing unreported, smuggled, or structured currency into or out of the United States; CBP can and does target people for money seizures based on factors like, origin or destination, length of stay, time of year, along with obvious factors like nervousness or obvious signs of deception.

Money seizures are good, unless you’re not CBP.

CBP are experts and making money seizures, so you need an experienced law firm on your side to get seized money back from CBP. You can learn more about the process from our trusted customs money seizure legal guide and can contact us for a free currency seizure consultation by clicking the contact buttons on this page.