Cash Smuggler Outdone by Texas CBP

Stacks of bills containing $100,025 in unreported currency seized by CBP officers at Rio Grande City Port of Entry.

CBP officers in Texas seized money from a 31 year old man from the United States, who did not report the money when leaving the United States (a requirement of the law).

The story, related by CBP here, is one of what seems to obviously be bulk cash smuggling in furtherance of some illegal activity (like drug smuggling). The hiding of the money, with the intent it not be reported to CBP, constitutes the offense of bulk cash smuggling.

But bulk cash smuggling comes in less obvious forms. Let’s say you put your money in a purse, with the intention of not reporting it to CBP at the time you place it there. Then, CBP asks you, “Do you have more than $10,000 on you?” You answer, “I do not.”

CBP then finds the money. This would also be bulk cash smuggling, because the money was not hidden with intent and not reported. But it’s not nearly as sinister as putting $100,000 in “dead presidents” (Benjamin Franklin was not a president..) into the body panels of your drug lord’s minivan.

Here’s the story:

RIO GRANDE CITY, Texas – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers working at the Rio Grande City Port of Entry recently seized $100,025 in bulk, unreported U.S. currency.

“The seizure of this illicit currency is an example of the determination and resolve that our CBP officers have in order to keep our country safe.  Preventing this money from reaching illicit organizations is part of the CBP border security mission,” said Port Director Imelda Recio, Rio Grande City Port of Entry.

The seizure occurred on Saturday, June 20, when CBP Officers working outbound operations at the Rio Grande City, Texas International Bridge encountered a 31-year-old male United States citizen from Rio Grande City, Texas, who was selected for a routine outbound inspection.  CBP Officers conducted a visual and physical search of the vehicle and discovered multiple packages of bulk U.S. currency totaling $100,025 hidden inside the vehicle.

Has Texas CBP seized your cash?

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