CBP Cash Seizure 2018 Statistics

Summary of CBP currency seizure enforcement activity for FY 2018

In what will very likely be our final blog post of 2018, let’s close the year out by looking at some of CBP’s recently released enforcement statistics for cash seizures across the country. CBP does this each year; but these aren’t yet the final numbers, they exclude the last month of CBP’s fiscal year (September).

Each year, I’m stuck with figuring out how the amount of cash seizures in the last fiscal year stack up against prior years (CBP’s fiscal year begins on October 1).

This year, CBP has done the math for me and showed that the amount of cash seizures through August 31, 2018, was $59.8 million. That is slightly lower than FY 2017 ($65 million). The biggest year for cash seizures by CBP was $81.2 million in FY 2014.

Interestingly, they’re counting border patrol seizures as separate from CBP Office of Field Operations. See the chart below for additional details: