CBP Seized Cash $95,000 in AZ

CBP seized cash from a Mexican heading back into Mexico on March 2. The cash was hidden in a cooler located in the passenger compartment of his vehicle, underneath some food and ice. This is definitely a case of “unreported currency” but, more accurately, it is also likely bulk cash smuggling. CBP seized the cash for presumably failure to report and bulk cash smuggling.

A male Mexican national was arrested Wednesday (March 2) for attempting to smuggle slightly more than $95,000 in unreported U.S. currency into Mexico through the Port of Lukeville.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers conducting outbound inspections selected a Chevrolet truck driven by a 45-year-old Mexican national for further inspection. During the search, officers found an ice chest between the front seats concealed compartment containing three packages of U.S. currency hidden beneath ice and food items. The cash was seized. The case have been referred to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations for further investigation.

“This is a collaborative effort by CBP, HSI, and DEA,” said Lukeville Port Director Peter Bachelier. “This formation is a “force-continuum” against the war on drugs and its proceeds. Our strategies are stronger and more accurate than ever.”


The story doesn’t explicitly state that the seized cash was connected to drug trafficking, but in my mind, behind any suspicious movement of cash across the southern border looms the large shadow of the illegal drug trade. CBP seized the cash is investigating the entire situation.

Has CBP seized cash from you?

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