Port of Buffalo Customs Currency Seizures by the Numbers (FY 2014)

Port of Buffalo, N.Y. border crossing check point where cbp seized cash for currency reporting violations.

Last week the Port of Buffalo released its enforcement data for 2014. I do not have any other regional data from other ports to compare it to, but it is clear that there are far more customs currency seizures at the Port of Detroit than at the Port of Buffalo.

For the fiscal year 2014, theĀ Port of Buffalo in New YorkĀ seized $267,323 in a total of 22 currency seizures; on average then, each seizure would be about $12,100. In comparison, in the Port of Detroit in Michigan for fiscal year 2013, customs seized more than $5 millionĀ at places like Detroit Metro Airport, The Ambassador Bridge and the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.Ā For the same period of time the national daily average of currency seizures by Customs was $650,000.

Has Buffalo CBP seized cash from you?

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