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Cash laying on a table seized by CBP Dulles

Dulles Seizes $130k in Unreported Currency from Travelers

Summer travel season is well underway, and that means so is CBP’s cash seizure machine is likewise well underway. CBP’s cash seizures, for failure to report cash, structuring, and bulk cash smuggling, all involve people entering leaving the country with more than $10,000, and in one way or another, not filing the FinCEN 105 form at all, or not filing it accurately. The way to report traveling with more than $10,000 is super easy!

Among ports of entry, CBP at Dulles airport in Sterling, Virginia (Washington, DC), is among the most prolific storyteller when it comes to highlighting enforcement activity for these cash reporting violations.

Their most recent story involves people leaving for Yemen, Egypt, Togo, and Ghana. Notably, the stories – except for the Ghana-bound man — are mostly about currency split between travelers, which could be a structuring offense. The Ghana-bound man, however, as shown in the photograph below, probably is going to be said to have smuggled the money (“bulk cash smuggling“). The interesting parts of the story are below:

STERLING, Va. – U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized nearly $130,000 in unreported currency from four groups of departing international travelers recently at Washington Dulles International Airport.

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In the most recent case, CBP officers seized $27,560 in unreported currency from a Yemen-bound family on Tuesday. The family reported that they possessed $9,500; however, CBP officers found additional currency split among family members.

CBP officers seized currency on consecutive days last week. On June 20, CBP currency detector dog Fuzz alerted to an Egypt-bound traveler who reported that he possessed $7,000. Officers discovered a total of $34,283 in unreported currency split among four family members. And on June 21, CBP officers seized $15,423 in unreported currency from a Togo-bound couple who reported $9,900 in currency.

On June 11, CBP officers seized $50,210 in unreported currency from a Ghana-bound man who reported that he possessed $45,000.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers recently encountered four groups of travelers departing on international flights at Washington Dulles International Airport who violated U.S. currency reporting laws. As a consequence, CBP officers seized a combined total of nearly $130,000 from the travelers. CBP urges travelers to be completely truthful with CBP officers during their departure inspection.
Officers sometimes discover unreported currency concealed inside travelers’ clothes like whith this Ghana-bound traveler.

In each case, CBP officers explained the currency reporting law and allowed the travelers multiple opportunities to truthfully report, both verbally and in writing, the total currency they are carrying.

Officers seized the currency and released the travelers.

CBP is withholding names because none of the travelers were criminally charged.

Has Dulles CBP seized your cash?

If Dulles CBP has seized your cash, we urge you to call us for a consultation before considering doing it yourself. You probably will not be happy with the outcome if you do, based on Dulles’ aggressive posture in most cases. Read our trusted customs money seizure legal guide (or watch the videos) and can contact us for a free currency seizure consultation by clicking the contact buttons on this page.