CBP at Miami International Airport Seizes $228,000 in Counterfeit Currency

U.S. Customs seized around $230,000 of currency – all suspected counterfeit – that came in a package from Peru to Miami Airport. The fully story is HERE.

CBP found this $228,100 of suspected counterfeit U. S. currency in cushions.
CBP opened the cushions and found a total of $228,100 in suspected counterfeit U. S. currency.

On July 23, CBP officers selected the package for an intensive examination and observed several densities in an unusual pattern on the X-ray screen. CBP officers opened the packaged and discovered various cushions including some with unusual densities.

Officers X-rayed the cushions individually and confirmed the densities. CBP officers then cut open the cushions and found a total of eleven sets of plastic covers taped together. CBP opened the covers and found a total of $228,100 in suspected counterfeit U. S. currency.

CBP observed that the bills were of poor quality and closer scrutiny questioned their validity. CBP notified the U.S. Secret Service and the bills were determined to be counterfeit. CBP seized the counterfeit currency and turned it over to the U.S. Secret Service for further investigation.

Hopefully the currency customs seized from you is real so you have a chance to get it back.

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