Getting back money seized by U.S. Customs when overseas

In the Legal Roadmap of a Customs Money Seizure series of articles we published, we explain how Money going down the drain U.S. Customs may seize your cash (currency, whether U.S. or foreign), and any monetary instruments for failing to report transportation of more than $10,000 when entering or leaving the country, for bulk cash smuggling, and/or illegal currency structuring.

That means if you are flying into the U.S. or leaving the U.S. from an airport or land border crossing and you are transporting more than $10,000, do not file a report, have concealed they money, or have divided the cash with others, U.S. Customs (CBP) may seize your money on-site, at the airport or border crossing.

A cash seizure while traveling is problematic because you will not be at your normal residence (or in your own country) for a period of time and you might not receive the CAFRA notice of seizure. The legal problem is that, as we explained in responding to a cash seizure, you might not receive the notice of seizure (because it’s lost or there’s no one to sign for it), or receive it too late.

A cash seizure when traveling overseas also creates problems even if you do receive the notice, because without representation, you will have to burden your friends or relatives with the lengthy and detailed process for getting your seized currency back from U.S. Customs, or because you will have to get them involved in your private and financial affairs.

But after hiring Great Lakes Customs Law as your customers lawyer, we can obtain the CAFRA notice of seizure on your behalf, and usually get it issued more quickly than normal. If we represent you, we make the process as seamless and simple as possible for you. By hiring Great Lakes Customs Law immediately after seizure, U.S. Customs will send the CAFRA seizure notice direct to our offices.

We then prepare the necessary petition with your cooperation and file it with Customs for you without your direct involvement. If you choose, we can directly receive the money in the form of a paper check, or via direct deposit into a bank account. If desirable, this returned seized money can then be wiredto your overseas bank account, which is something that Customs will not do.

We at Great Lakes Customs Law can represent you while you are staying overseas and you will not have to bear the additional burden and expense of making a return trip to the United States to gather evidence, submit your petition, or receive your money.

If you have had cash seized by customs please read our Legal Roadmap of a Customs Money Seizure and click the button at the top of this page to us or e-mail us to schedule you free currency seizure consultation.