CBP Seized $52k Currency in El Paso, Texas

$150,000 in bulk cash wrapped in bundles pictured on the on the roof of the vehicle from which the money was seized by U.S. Customs & Border Protection

CBP relates the seizure of $52,000, which was detected to be in the vehicle when the CBP equivalent of Scooby-Do sniffed it out (a currency detection canine), here’s the story (original here):

EL PASO, Texas — A significant currency seizure was made at the Stanton southbound bridge in downtown El Paso, with over $52,000 of unreported currency going southbound to Mexico.

The currency was found by a CBP currency detector dog that swept the vehicle resulting in a positive alert in the back seats of the 2002 Honda Civic.

It is not illegal to transport currency; however, currency over $10,000 must be reported. The subject and unreported currency were turned over to Homeland Security Investigations for prosecution.

I’m not sure why CBP decided to share detailed info about the car, but for those keeping track at home, here’s what a 2002 Honda Civic looks like:

2002 Honda CivicHas Texas CBP seized currency?

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