CBP Uses Tech to Seize Hidden Cash

X-ray technology was used by A truck passing through an X-ray machine used by CBP to seize hidden cash.

Technology is used by CBP to seize hidden cash. In this case, the technology is an x-ray machine that can scan an entire container.

Sometimes a cash seizure by CBP is clearly connected to illegal activity, like when CBP seizes hidden cash in the body panels of a vehicle driven by a man with a criminal record going into Mexico. Other times customs seizes hidden cash from people who aren’t up to anything illegal (and who have never even got a traffic ticket).

Then there are other times when the intent, or the reason, someone fails to report cash or hides it is not clear. For me, one such time was a story we wrote about one year ago, when CBP seized $325,000 in hidden leaving Puerto Rico in a container, along with some personal effects.

The story below is kind of similar. It is scant on details, but nonetheless interesting. There is nothing stated about what else was inside the container other than half-million dollars seized for bulk cash smuggling, so it is a little different than last year’s story.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers stopped an illegal exportation of currency when officers searched a cargo container intended to be shipped to the Dominican Republic on board the Caribbean Fantasy Ferry this past week.

Utilizing high-tech equipment, CBP officers examining outbound containers being loaded to the Caribbean Ferry selected some for further inspection.  During the additional inspection, officers discovered $518,980 USD, intended to be smuggled out of the United States. “Customs and Border Protection remains committed to strengthening our borders.” said Keith McFarquhar, acting San Juan Area Port Director. “The currency seized is not only money lost by organizations that finance drug trafficking and other illegal activity.  It is currency that could also supply the weapons and the means for these organizations to disrupt governments and pose threats to our nation.”]

Has CBP seized hidden cash from you?

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