Dulles CBP Seize $60,000 in Cash from Turkey and Ghana Travelers

K9 and piles of cash seized by CBP at Dulles airport

CBP at Dulles seizes cash from a lot of travelers and this cash grab activity generates a lot of news releases for CBP, moreso than other ports around the country where cash seizures are even more common. Why that is, I do not know. However, as I’ve mentioned many times on this blog, Dulles is definitely more aggressive in their processing of cases, especially when it comes to bulk cash smuggling and structuring.

Here’s an excerpt from a story about two such seizures. In the first case, a couple arrived from Turkey and had $20,000 seized. In the second, a couple leaving for Ghana had $40,000 seized (even though they reported $36,000). Here’s the story:

STERLING, Va. – For the fourth time in two weeks, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized unreported currency from travelers at Washington Dulles International Airport.

Thursday night, CBP officers encountered a couple from Turkey who reported that they possessed $5,000. Officers advised the couple of federal reporting requirements and the couple confirmed that they understood and again reported $5,000. CBP currency and firearms detector dog Cato alerted to one of the couple’s bags and officers discovered a total of $20,654. Officers seized $20,000 and returned $654 to the couple for humanitarian relief.

On Saturday, CBP officers inspected a couple bound for Ghana who reported that they possessed $36,000, both verbally and in writing. While examining their baggage, CBP officers discovered a total of $40,781 in their possession. Officers seized $40,000 and returned $781 to the couple for humanitarian relief.

Have you had money seized by CBP?

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