Dulles Currency Seizure to Ghana

Stacks of Cash at Dulles Airport Seized by Customs for Violating the Currency Reporting Requirements

This week, CBP officers at Dulles reported a couple instances of drug seizures at Dulles airport, along with a pretty big cash seizure from a man who was going to Ghana.

The man was stopped by CBP on his way out of the United States, and he was asked to report the amount of currency he had. Verbally, and in writing, he reported carrying $6,500; however, he was actually transporting $67,127.

That’s bad news for him. As I always mention, Dulles is pretty tough on people who carry cash and refuse to report actual amount when asked. At many CBP ports, this man would only end up with a violation of 31 USC 5316 for failure to report the cash; however, I’m nearly certain that at Dulles airport he’s going to end up with a violation of 31 USC 5316 and 5332 for bulk cash smuggling.

This will likely mean that even if he proves the money came from a legitimate source and had a legitimate intended use, he will face a steep penalty of at least 50% of the amount seized, leaving him with only $33,500.

Here’s the story:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers enjoyed a bountiful enforcement weekend with the seizure of 353 pounds of khat, 112 pounds of Tetracaine Hydrochloride, and more than $67,000 in unreported currency at Washington Dulles International Airport.

Additionally, CBP officers seized $67,127 from a U.S. citizen bound for Ghana Friday. The man reported verbally and in writing that he possessed $6,500. Officers discovered the currency inside his carry-on bag and concealed within clothing in his checked baggage.

Officers returned $1,127 to the man as humanitarian relief and released him to continue his journey.


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