Dulles CBP Seizes $56k from Iraq-bound Man

Dulles CBP seized cash discovered by k9 from Iraqi man laid out on table

Dulles is back in the news again with another cash seizure. In this case, CBP officers aided by a detector dog named “Fuzz,” were searching passengers leaving for Qatar. The dog alerted to a man’s carry-on baggage, and the man initially reported possessing $30,000.

CBP then searched and found a total of $42,000. Then, apparently, they searched harder and found another $14,400, for a total of $56,400. Not sure how that happened, but that’s what the story seems to say.

Because the first report of $30,000, and the other $26,400 was packed away in luggage, this is probably going to lead to allegations of bulk cash smuggling. And bulk cash smuggling violations, especially at Dulles FP&F, tend to lead to big penalties (like 50% of the amount seized, if not forfeiture).
STERLING, Va. – U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized $56,400 from an Iraq-bound man at Washington Dulles International Airport on Thursday only hours after they seized $68,000 in unreported currency from a Nigeria-bound family.
There is no limit to how much currency or other monetary instruments travelers may bring to or take out of the United States. However, federal law [31 USC 5316] requires travelers to report all currency of $10,000 or greater to a CBP officer and complete U.S. Treasury Department Report of International Transportation of Currency or Monetary Instruments [FINCEN 105]. Read more about currency reporting requirements.

CBP officers and currency detector dog Fuzz conducted outbound inspections of passengers departing on a flight to Doha, Qatar, when K9 Fuzz alerted to a man’s carryon baggage. Officers explained U.S. currency reporting laws and asked the man how much currency he and his mother had in their possession. The man, who was traveling with his mother to Iraq, reported that he had $30,000 and signed the FINCEN 105 form formally reporting that amount.

During a subsequent inspection, CBP officers discovered a combined $42,000 in carryon bags and on their persons.

Officers escorted the man and his mother back to CBP’s inspection station where officers discovered an additional $14,400 in the man’s checked baggage.

CBP officers seized a combined $56,400 and released the family to continue their trip.

Earlier on Thursday CBP officers seized $68,000 from a Nigeria-bound family after the family reported to officers that they possessed only $10,000.

“These are two currency seizures that could have been completely avoided had the two parties truthfully reported all of their currency to Customs and Border Protection officers,” said Marc E. Calixte, Area Port Director for CBP’s Area Port of Washington, D.C. “CBP urges all travelers to fully comply with our nation’s laws during inspection, including U.S. federal currency reporting law.”


Has Dulles CBP seized your cash?

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