Money Seized, Smuggling Prevented by CBP in Yuma

CBP is reporting on a story of a bulk cash smuggling seizure of $25,000 in Arizona.

Coincidentally, we are in the process of preparing an article on the consequences of bulk cash smuggling currency seizure cases and how they differ from money seizure for a simple failure to report amounts over $10,000. The bulk cash smuggling charges are far more serious than the (already serious) failure to report charges. If you’ve had your cash seized for bulk cash smuggling under 31 USC 5332 (more on that law HERE) then you really need an attorney — that’s because even when legitimate source and intended use are proven — you could still lose all of your cash because it was smuggled. Petition for Remission of Currency Seizure

Here’s the story, told along with other various exploits of Yuma CBP:

Friday night, an immigration inspection of a Greyhound Bus in Blythe, Calif. resulted in the seizure of $25,000 from a female Legal Permanent Resident Card holder. The female had the cash taped to her waistline. She claimed she was just transporting the money. The currency was seized as per Yuma Sector guidelines and the female was released.

If you have had money seized by CBP and don’t know what to do, call our office at (734) 855-4999 or through our contact page. We are able to assist with cash seized by customs around the country, including Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, San Francisco, Miami, and many other places, and not just locally in Detroit. Please read these other articles:

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